I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Neuro-Linguistic and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner. I am a member of the American Hypnosis Association, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the American Counseling Association. I combine hypnosis, EFT, guided imagery, stress management and other techniques to help my clients obtain lasting results.
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My Approach

My belief is that we often have “negative conditioning” or negative mind-set about our world and ourselves, which in turn leads to negative behavior. This manifests itself in our life as a lack of success, poor health habits, destructive relationships, fears, unhappiness, anxiety, etc. I have chosen to dedicate my practice to teaching people to use their mind and emotions more effectively. The results are better health, improved relationships and more success in their personal and business life.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Want to learn more about hypnosis and how it works? Visit our FAQ page to learn about the research, common myths, techniques, and how hypnotherapy can help you.

Some of the Many Issues Hypnotherapy
Can Help With

Raise Self Esteem
Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Stop Smoking
Eliminate Fears & Phobias
Remove Creative Blocks
Build Motivations & Confidence
Improve Productivity
Test Taking Anxiety
Improve Study Habits
Career Motivation & Success
Emotional Blocks
Forgiveness of Self & Others
Preparing for Surgery
Assist in Healing After Surgery
Improve Relationships
Eliminate Bad Habits
Improve Memory
Sleep Issues

Areas of Focus


Goal-setting is a powerful achievement tool. Hypnotherapy can provide clients with the motivation, confidence, energy, and insight to create a blueprint, analyze the obstacles, determine the knowledge and skills required, design a plan of action, establish accountability and reach their realistic and achievable goals.


Self-improvement is very personal. But, no matter what your development goals, hypnotherapy can help build the self-esteem, confidence & motivation that make personal progress possible.


Fear and anxiety both have the potential to greatly inhibit success and prevent life satisfaction. Reprogramming through hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective. Hypnotic suggestion, as well as other techniques, are used to provide new coping skills, replace catastrophic thoughts with truthful and believable statements and regain a sense of control.


Learning progress and memory issues can be greatly influenced using hypnotherapy techniques that target underlying beliefs and address how the brain processes information. Hypnotherapy can be highly effective for stimulating the learning process, increasing motivation, establishing beneficial study habits, boosting confidence, reducing study and examination anxiety and accessing memory.


The mind can be guided to make healthy changes such as to stop smoking and modify other unhealthy behaviors. As well, pre-surgical sessions and post-surgical follow-ups have been shown to reduce healing time and speed recovery. In addition, hypnosis and guided imagery are commonly used to help strengthen the immune system.


Stress is an everyday fact of life. It comes from all different sources: the environment, the body, and the thoughts. How your brain interprets and translates these stressors can determine the quality of your life and your disease risk. Learning coping skills as well as how to trigger the relaxation response will help you normalize your physical, mental and emotional processes. You become aware of your own stress response and learn to control it.


Self-hypnosis, once learned, is a powerful skill, either to do on your own or to reinforce whatever has been addressed during the session.

As a part of your session you will learn effective self-hypnosis techniques and, very often, you will receive a recording of the hypnosis part of your session.


“I started therapy to increase my own self-esteem and confidence. I started going to Claudia and I have achieved better results than I had ever hoped for. I have improved my relationship with my husband. I have more control over my emotions. I have more confidence. I have greatly grown and improved on a personal and professional level. I had a calm pregnancy. And although this was my first child, I have enjoyed every step of being a mother. I feel more confident and in control in my life.” - Iris B.
“My name is Franck J. and I’m a Physician of Oriental Medicine. Under Claudia’s profound expertise, I have been able to rewrite a healthier subconscious life script. As a result of this, I have quadrupled my income and continue to attract abundance in all areas of my life as well as feel much healthier in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Claudia for helping me get the life I truly deserve.” - Franck J.
“Hypnosis has helped me a great deal. After having been in the more “traditional” forms of therapies for over 15 years I finally stumbled onto something that had tangible and noticeable results for me. My traditional psychologist referred me to a hypnotherapist he knew and respected. What did I have to lose, right? Now, I firmly believe that it is not just the type of technique practiced but also the individual therapist that is preforming it. In this case Claudia Grosz has made a huge difference for me.
Thank you Claudia…” - P.A.M.
“I have seen Claudia for over 8 years and she changed my life. She gave me so many wonderful tools to deal with stress, an unbalanced life, anxiety, and myriad of health issues. She helped me get through medical school, study for boards, finish a doctoral program, start a medical practice, become a confident business woman, get through the ending of a very long relationship, help me navigate through toxic familial relationships, help me be confident in dating, falling in love and getting married in a calm and manageable way. I now have a happy marriage as well as an extremely successful medical practice. She goes above and beyond in helping her patients heal on multiple levels. In fact, I have referred several of my friends and patients to her. I can’t thank Claudia enough for providing me the confidence to reach so many of my personal goals and to be the best version of myself. If you are ready to change your life and ready to enjoy your life more, look no further!” - Amanda C.
“Change your thinking ... Change your life.”


If you are interested in a consultation or have questions about my services, please get in touch.


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